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Alto Apartment 1020 - When Money does not play a Rolex

A luxurious apartment with two bedrooms, everything in dark tones, noble, stylish and modern. One enters the apartment in a spacious entree with bar and fireplace and then comes into the open dining and living room. There are two home breeders a fireplace room and a TV room with a piano. Both bedrooms have an adjoining bathroom. One of which has an office and a Shades of Gray Touch for the successful businessman.

If you use my builds post your stories under the #Katesimblrinaction and I will share your story!

Requiered CC: Aggressive Kitty X, Cowbuild X, X, X, X, X, Foreverdesigns X

I used also two (not necessary) objects from Raventons Gaza Collection, she donating all the money to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

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